Mitsuko Satoh

Principal of companion dog training school "YOKOSUKA DOG SCHOOL"

Model Trainer licensed by Japan Kennel Club

Honorary member of Hampton Dog Training Club in UK

While operating "YOKOSUKA DOG SCHOOL" which has 40 year history as a training school specializing companion dogs, organized "MITSUKO DOG TRAINING CLUB" in which dogs and the owners study together, making "Dogs should be trained by owners themselves" its motto, and tried to train dogs suitable for Japanese life style and spread moral breeding and care of dogs, with experience as a companion dog trainer and knowledge widened by contacts with dog trainers from various countries.

Lectured dog owners, pet shop owners and various animal-related people at "seminars" sponsored by various organizations. Gave advice as an "Animal Behavior Counselor". Since 1992, joining "Harmonization Project of Human and Dogs" with municipal governmental staffs on animals at request of Kanagawa Prefecture, co-operating with the first governmental animal related project in Japan on training and rehabilitation of abandoned dogs (sending them to various institutions and general household). Lectured on "dog training" at seminars at request of animal governmental agency of other prefectures, following Kanagawa.

* Appointed as a member of "Society for the Study of Textbook on Proper Breeding of Animals" which is a part of the Prime Minister's Office's "Promotion Project on Proper Breeding of Animals", supervised textbook for municipal governmental staffs on animals and gave lectures.

*Due to the contribution to promote and advance Animal Protection Care Administration, commended by "National Enterprise Conference on Animal Care" in 1999.

* Books published by Nihon Bungei-Sha.
"Chihuahuas-First Training"
"Miniature Dachshund-First Training"

* Books published by Seibundo Shinkosha.

"Training Book : Dog Signs"
"Training Book Series for Dog Fans"
(Toilet training, How to cure your dogs of needless barking and biting - 10 volumes in total)

"Easy Training Series"
(Border Collie, Pug, Shih Tzu, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Shiba - 19 volumes in total)

" Dog Training Manual"

Contributed frequently to monthly magazines "Friends of Dogs", "Wan", and "Dog Family", also to other magazines on pet.

* Co-operated with TV and radio programs, magazines, etc. on dog training


Mrs Joan Attree

ex-president of Hampton Dog Training Club