1993 crufts dog show


Bitch: Mrs Heather Woodford
Kirkelly of Stillash (WS)

Dog: Mrs C E Copnall with Whitebeam Rowanberry (WS)

Judge: Miss P Ackary


The first time I met Heather was at the “crufts dog show”.
A TV station asked me to cover the “Obedience Championship”.
I interviewed winner Heather.
I sent a copy of the TV program she appeared in from Japan.
After that, she and I met at the crufts venue many times.
It was also Heather who introduced me to Mrs Mary Ray.
She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2022.
I shared many memories with her.

私がテレビ局から“crufts dog show” の取材を依頼されObedience Championshipの優
勝者にインタビューをしたのがMrs Heather woodfordとの出会いでした。彼女は雌ク
スバージョンにしてもらい、お世話になっていたMrs Joan Attreeを通して Heather に
しくしていました。                             .
Mrs Mary Rayを正式に紹介してくださったのも彼女です。たくさんの思い出が・・・


2022.10 作成

2022.6.18  cross the rainbow bridge